Warrior, Rogue & Mage Revised Edition finally available at DriveThruRPG

Just a few minutes ago I uploaded the revised Edition of WR&M to DriveThruRPG. There you can download it for free! I will make it available on other sites as well when I come back from GenCon. I will definitely be looking into releasing a print-on-demand version on Lulu. So if everything works as planned, you’ll be able to order your own print copy of WR&M before the end of this year.

If you like the game, please write about it on your blog, post in your favorite forum or write a review on DriveThruRPG. Please help to spread the word!

Now that the deed is finally done, I can relax and think about my next project. I’ll probably release a couple of supplements for WR&M before I start to work on a SF version of this game. So stay tuned!

wrm_cover wrm_backcover

Please note: The 4-paged amateur version is still available for download here.

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  1. Hi!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this game.

    I used to run True20 a lot and loved the single die roll, Conviction points, and no experience to dish out. Then moved to Advanced Quick20 b/c of the lighter approach. This game is even lighter and sleeker with all the above attached and no levels as well. Players and Narrators can actually play out the game rather than try to stat it all out. Love that. Also enjoy WRM’s focus on ‘exploding’ die rolls on things other than just combat damage.

    I’m also enamoured with PDQ and all things with “Prose” attributes, skills, etc. that bridge a gap between static label and wiggle room. The core attributes are so brilliant and, based upon Fantasy RPG convention, should make sense to Fantasy RPGers both table-top and video game based. The stacking of appropriate skills (as an option I’d incorporate) is another wiggle room I love since it makes sure players paying attention to their sheets soon get to know character limitations and may push them too. Creativity soon becomes infectious around the table, IME.

    I also love ye “Olde School” approach to gaming, as you’ve stated in such a succinct and encouraging manner: “Make it your own.” The WRScholar version is a nice lower-magic-world touch too. I’ve mashed some PDQ rules with Mike Hill and Paul Elliot’s Tunnel Quest2 game and I may have to take some of those changes and apply them to this base line. I love-love players-only-roll idea. A sense of controlling their “fates” and leaves the GM to all the other GM stuff.

    I also have come to appreciate the CC aspect of many RPG games and for some reason really want to support CC games/content. Especially ones that are wicked in the graphic design/art and easy read department; ones I’d pay money for really. I will purchase my RPGNOW products via your affiliate link for my next few purchases to try to help.

    I play with only my 7 and 10 year old due to Real Life time constraints and I’m sure they will love this game too. But again, I will try to run this game for the adult RPGers when I get a chance.

    And yeah, I love FREE games. I just discovered your Freebie Fridays and found my way to the WRM game.

    So yes, thank you and all involved for this game and making it so readily available to us RPGers out there.


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