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I have to admit I am still overwhelmed by the success of WR&M. I had some hopes that people would like it, but nothing prepared me for the fact that the game has been downloaded almost 3000 times since I uploaded it to DriveThruRPG. Most reviews have been very positive and there’s already a small but dedicated fan community.

This morning I checked the sales numbers of WR&M and the supplement From The Imperial Forges for the last two months. I thought you people might be interested in having a look at the numbers, too.

That’s actually not to bad. Alas I am not sure how solid these numbers are. Are these really unique sales or are multiple downloads by the same customer counted? But even if that were the case, I am still impressed. As you can notice the interest for the game has waned a bit, but I am sure there will be new downloads as soon as the next supplement has been released.

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  1. “… there will be new downloads as soon as the next supplement has been released.”

    ETA and hints to what that supplement might entail?


  2. Great news! Keep up the good work.

  3. To echo Paul: keep the good work flowing! I am already VERY impressed with the new combat ideas. It makes what started as a really good system as it stood – into a great system. I love the feeling of flexibility games like this (and similarly T&T) give you. House Rules don’t feel like you’re “breaking” the game – just sorting things out for you and the group (like we used to do on the playground as kids).

  4. I have seen quite a few references to the game online, so I downloaded the rules and supplements you placed on DTRPG. I have only had a chance to skim things so far due to other projects taking my valuable gaming time, but have liked what I have seen so far.

    At this stage of things, I would just like to focus on my first impression: you do good work.
    Thanks for the effort, and do keep it up. I think you have produced something that resonates with a lot of people.

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