Help me design Wyrm SF

Artwork by Greywulf. Used with permission. One of the strengths of the Wyrm System is its flexibility. It’s pretty easy to switch out the attributes, change a few skills, add some equipment and voilá you can run games in a different genre than fantasy. Dragonlance Canticle’s Tristan Zimmerman recently let me know about a Science Fiction game he ran using WR&M. While I have been planning to work on a SF game for quite a while now, his notes inspired me to seriously start working on this project again. Thanks again, Tristan!

Instead of using WR&M as a basis I decided to base Wyrm SF (don’t worry this is just the project name) on Blue Hex’s Resolute, Adventure & Genius. Andrew and Jason made a few subtle changes to the basic system which would work extremely well in a SF game.

But I won’t stop there. To try something new and in order to add some more granularity to the skill system, all tests in Wyrm SF will be rolled using a twelve-sided die. There will of course be new skills, talents and a system for Psi powers.

Instead of being rather generic, Wyrm SF will be built around a slightly modified version of my own Ad Astra setting. If you want to learn more about this setting check out this page. The name of the game probably won’t be in the familiar Something, Another Thing and Something Else format but something fitting the setting.

I have just recently started the design process and there’s still much what could change in the coming weeks and months. That’s why I invite you all to join me on this exciting journey. I created a sub forum at RPG Table Talk where you can discuss this new project with me. Don’t be a stranger!