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During the last few days I have been working on making my various blogs compliant with the new GDPR. It also felt quite good removing plugins which allowed companies to track my readers (Facebook, I’m looking at you). I also threw out all statistics tools. I really don’t know how much people are actually reading the site. This should be a hobby, not a second job. Overall the experience was quite cathartic.

I also realized that I should probably shut down this site for good, or at least replace it by something simpler. I don’t need a full WordPress site to link to documents on a Google Drive or DriveThruRPG. If I want to blog about something Stargazer Games related I could easily do so on my Stargazer’s World blog anyway. At this moment I am not sure if I’ll just kill this site or replace it, but expect some changes in the near future.

About Stargazer

Michael Wolf is a 34-year old IT and video technician working for a German university. He's also a big fan of pen & paper roleplaying games, computer games of all kinds, a passionate blogger and aspiring game designer.
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  1. Good to know. I don’t come by your site too often, but I’ve enjoyed your articles and games every time I have. Thanks for posting!


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