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Tactical combat in WR&M (or any other Wyrm System game)

Earlier today Christopher Brind contacted me today and let me know about a cool ruleset for tactical games he has designed for WR&M. It’s modeled loosely after the system from the classic Games Workshop game Space Hulk and you may also know similar systems from turn-based computer games like Jagged Alliance or Ufo: Enemy Unknown.

If you are interested in a more tactical combat in WR&M and any other Wyrm System game, check out Christopher’s blog post on the subject. He is currently planning to do some playtesting. If you like the idea, why not head to his site and leave some feedback?

The Known Lands of Vaneria

For the longest time fans of the Warrior, Rogue & Mage RPG have been wondering how the lands of Vaneria look like. This question is now answered!

Matt Jackson, blogger amd cartographer extraordinaire, has created a map for the Fallen Empire of Vaneria. Here is is:

WRM -final for review

Click on the map to see it in full size (2400 x 1800 pixels)

When I wrote WR&M I only had a faint idea of what the known world looked like but Matt managed to turn my words into an awesome map. I especially like the city icons. Adorable!
There was also the question of scale that had to be tackled. In the end we settled for a size comparable to Greece.

I hope you like the map as much as I do. And while you’re at it, why don’t you visit Matt’s blog and check out his other works? It’s worth it!

Guerrero, Picaro y Mago

GPyM The deed is done!

Warrior, Rogue & Mage has been translated into Spanish! You can check out the game’s announcement on the Arcano XIII blog and download the complete game here.

As I said before, the guys behind the translation project have done a great job and the final product is just looking great.

The team around José Muñoz is currently thinking about translating all the existing supplements and some of the Arcano XIII members are developing their own material for the game.

If you are a Spanish-speaking roleplayer, please check Guerrero, Pícaro y Mago out. I hope you enjoy it!