Future Plans for this Site

During the last few days I have been working on making my various blogs compliant with the new GDPR. It also felt quite good removing plugins which allowed companies to track my readers (Facebook, I’m looking at you). I also threw out all statistics tools. I really don’t know how much people are actually reading the site. This should be a hobby, not a second job. Overall the experience was quite cathartic.

I also realized that I should probably shut down this site for good, or at least replace it by something simpler. I don’t need a full WordPress site to link to documents on a Google Drive or DriveThruRPG. If I want to blog about something Stargazer Games related I could easily do so on my Stargazer’s World blog anyway. At this moment I am not sure if I’ll just kill this site or replace it, but expect some changes in the near future.

Download Report

Just a couple of days ago I asked OneBookShelf to reactivate the Stargazer Games publisher account. Since then the Stargazer Games products have been downloaded 1881 times. I am positively surprised that even after all those years the interest in the games is still very high. Here is a more detailed report:

Product Downloads
A Wanderer’s Romance 37
Arcane Heroes 52
Badass 29
Discovered Lore 228
From The Imperial Forges 237
From The Imperial Forges 2 237
Resolute, Adventurer & Genius 44
The Art of Combat 235
The Horror of Leatherbury House 13
Warrior, Rogue & Mage 233
Warrior, Rogue & Mage – System Reference Document 135
Warrior, Rogue & Mage [BUNDLE] 173

Thanks to all our fans for the continued support!