Official Forums

I’ve decided to create a discussion forum for the Stargazer Games and Stargazer’s World communities. The forums are meant as a place where you can post your questions regarding our games, share your ideas and talk about RPGs in general.


Registering should be pretty easy, especially since you can login with your Google account. If you have any questions regarding the forums feel free to post your question in the comments below or use the Site Discussion category in the forums.

Important announcement

Dear friends,

recently I became aware that there might be an issue with my participation in’s Blog and Podcast Support Program, being an active blogger/reviewer and my publishing efforts as Stargazer Games on the DriveThruRPG/RPGNow marketplace. In order to avoid any conflicts of interest that may cause trouble in the future I’ve decided to cancel my publishers agreement with them.

That means that all products available there will not be available anymore in the near future. I know this will cause some inconveniences for you. But rest assured that everything will be available for download in the future. I just moved all my stuff to my Google Docs account where you can download all Stargazer Games’ products. The download links are available on the respective product pages.

If there are any questions to this, feel free to comment below. And thanks for you understanding and continued support.

UPDATE: OneBookShelf actually acted pretty fast because the account has already been closed. If you have trouble downloading our games, please let me know.

An update on Stargazer Games’ download totals

From time to time I like to share the download numbers of our games with our fans. Luckily RPGNow provides us with some pretty handy tools for that purpose. Especially WR&M is available from other sources as well, so it may actually have been downloaded more often. But in my opinion the numbers from RPGNow are still impressive enough. Without further ado here are the “sales” numbers up until today:

Title Downloads
A Wanderer’s Romance  1405
Arcane Heroes  1117
Badass  2683
Discovered Lore  1964
From The Imperial Forges  2493
From The Imperial Forges 2  2045
From The Imperial Library  2103
Resolute, Adventurer & Genius  1181
The Art of Combat 2281
The Horror of Leatherbury House  1478
Warrior, Rogue & Mage  7010

I am not entirely sure how these numbers are generated, but I am pretty sure that 7010 WR&M downloads are not equal to 7010 unique downloaders. But even if that’s the case, it’s still quite an achievement. I am also overjoyed everytime WR&M comes up in an discussion or is mentioned in a blog that has been unknown to me before.

I also want to thank everyone who contributed to one of the games above, wrote about them, played them, told their friends about them. You guys are awesome – all of you!