The Gearbox Roleplaying Game System

What is Gearbox?
Gearbox is a generic roleplaying game that should work with almost every genre. The core rules fit on a couple of pages and there will be optional and genre-specific rules that allow GMs to tweak the system to fit their campaign. I also plan to include a couple of sample settings with the final release.
By the way, did I mention that Gearbox will be free? As with Thrilling Noir Stories I am not out to make a buck, but I want to share my love for roleplaying with others. It will be released under a Creative Commons license that allows everyone to share and adapt the game as long as the use is non-commercial.

What Gearbox is not
Gearbox is not the “one game to rule them all”, the greatest thing since sliced bread nor revolutionary in any way. I merely tried to combine aspect from games I love to create something new. That said, I hope that Gearbox might become a viable alternative to other rules-light games out there. I am just not crazy enough to believe that my rules are the pinnacle of game design.

The game formerly known as Gears
Recently I found out that there’s already a roleplaying game called Gears, so I decided to change the name to The Gearbox Roleplaying Game System. If you read any reference to Gears in a post written by me, it refers to what is now known as Gearbox.


  • Gears v0.5 (PDF) – Please note that this is an unfinished and very early version of the game. It will not reflect the quality of the finished game. It probably won’t even be compatible.


  1. Just checked, and it’s virtually just the universal/generic version of WR&M, which is awesome! I really liked how light-weight yet limitless it is. This just might replaced BRP for me.

    Can’t wait for the full version. I’m using it for one-shots right now, but planning on a campaign later.

  2. Some of WR&M’s mechanics definitely made its way into Gearbox. Unfortunately it is an unfinished project and I doubt I’ll ever finish it.

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