Warrior, Rogue & Mage

What is WR&M?
Warrior, Rogue & Mage is a simple, lightweight roleplaying game that allows a group of players and a game master to experience epic adventures in a fantasy world filled with wondrous magic.

No Classes
Although WR&M uses three basic fantasy RPG classes in its name, it doesn’t make use of classes. Players are encouraged to create their characters freely without having to fit them into archetypal roles. Warrior, Rogue and Mage are actually the character’s basic attributes, which measure their capabilities in combat, stealth and academics respectively.


82643 82734 84034
Core Rulebook
Pages: 41
File size: 7.5 MB
Author: Michael Wolf
From the Imperial Forges
Pages: 7
File size: 3.6 MB
Author: Colin Chapman
From the Imperial Forges 2
Pages: 7
File size: 4.7 MB
Author: Colin Chapman
downloadnow downloadnow downloadnow
The core rulebook contains the complete game rules, including character creation, combat, magic, equipment and monsters, as well as a complete fantasy setting, the Fallen Imperium of Vaneria. From the Imperial Forges contains over 20 unique magical items for your WR&M game. These items have been designed by ENnie-nominated designer Colin Chapman
(http://radioactiveapedesigns.com) known for his post-apocalyptive roleplaying game Atomic Highway!
From the Imperial Forges 2 contains 19 unique magical items for your WR&M game created by Colin Chapman.
84148 84033 84290
Discovered Lore
Pages: 8
File size: 4.6 MB
Author: Andrew Modro
The Art of Combat
Pages: 6
File size: 4.2 MB
Author: Michael Wolf
From the Imperial Library
Pages: 39
File size: 5.5 MB
Author: Brian Brousseau
downloadnow downloadnow downloadnow
Discovered Lore contains six new playable races for your Warrior, Rogue & Mage campaign. Smash your foes as a hulking Mountain Giant or explore the depths of the oceans as a member of the ancient merfolk. In addition to that this book provides you with new magic items and a set of sample characters that can be used as starting player characters or as NPCs. The Art of Combat contains alternate armor rules, new talents and rules for dodging and parrying attacks which help you to make combats in WR&M even more exciting without adding too much complexity. From The Imperial Library contains several variant magic systems, new and revised spells and talents. It’s the perfect supplement for players and GMs who want to turn WR&M’s magic to eleven!


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  2. I found an old 4 page version from 2010 and immediately made up a google docs character generator. This evening i found the updated version and began printing it. You design some good stuff there. I appreciate the effort. I play the fantasy trip/melee/wizard alot and find this a good alternative. Ill keep you posted on my play progress. Thanks again!


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  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading over this game. In my preparation of using it, I’ve become a bit confused by the Defense value and Armor. Is the Armor value used instead of the character’s base ((w+M)/2) Defense score? I’ve tried to figure it out by looking at the bestiary but I can’t make the NPC’s in there come out correct using the methods described in the text for PC’s.

  5. Hi Andrew
    If I remember correctly then in the basic game armor is added to your base defense.
    If using one of the different advanced combat options then your defense is basic and armor either reduces the damage from a hit or gives you more hit points. Shields always add to defense.
    Hope that is off help

  6. I can see what Andrew is talking about.

    Base Defense = ((W+R)/2) + 4

    Knight: W 6, R 2. That makes a base defense of 8. +6 for light plate + 1 for small shield = 17.
    The number given: 10.

    Soldier: W 5, R 3. That makes a base def of 8. +3 for scale, +2 for large shield, = 13.
    The number given: 10.

    Town Guard: W 5, R 3, so base of 8. +3 for scale = 11.
    The number given: 10.

    Journeyman Mage: W 3, R 3, for a base of 7.
    The number given: 6.

    Apprentice Mage works, if you drop the fraction. Bandit and Commoner both work. None of the other common NPC’s work.

  7. And, even with the caption that says “the defense listed is the unarmored defense”… still doesn’t work. The number for the Knight should be 8, in that case. Not 10. Same with the Soldier and Town Guard.

  8. The NPCs not necessarily follow the rules for player characters or might also have taken advances.

  9. Thanks, guys. I think I’ve figured out how it is supposed to work. I’m wanting to start a game of this and I have a question regarding how things work out in play. Let’s take a PC that gets Light Plate and a Small Shield and has a base defense of 8 (like the Knight above). That makes his Defense a 15 (8+6+1). That means a character (or monster) with a Warrior attribute of 6 and the appropriate weapon skill will have to roll an exploding die to hit the guy. This seems… difficult. Have the armor and shields turned out to be over powered in actual play?

    Also, do ranged spells automatically hit or does the character have to roll?

  10. The high Defense numbers are a problem, that’s why I created some alternative systems for armor in “The Art of Combat”. Check them out.

    Ranged spells automatically hit, if the target is in a line of sight from the caster.

  11. Thanks, Stargazer. I thought the math was coming out a bit on the difficult side but wasn’t sure if I was missing something in the system that made it work out better. I’ll look at the alternate systems. I’ll also consider making armor less granular, like Leather (+1), Scale (+2), Chain (+3) and Plate (+4) and then have small and large shields (+1/+2). That might keep the numbers a bit more manageable as well.

  12. That might work as well. WR&M is simple enough so that you can tweak it easily without breaking anything.

  13. Hi Stargazer! I’m kinda new to TRPGs and was forced to create my own system after having the desire to use my country’s mythologies in a game (and offer it for free). Your game served as a giant inspiration to me, the freedom you gave is very much what I want in a TRPG. I grew up with video games (I’m young… which makes me realize few youngsters are into TRPGs now) so I wanted a system that breaks the typical boxed (or as I like to call it: fun prison) system of video games and WR&M delivered exactly what I wanted in few pages (which seems to be what my generation so greatly desires) and easy to understand rules I can teach to my buddies. Thanks!

    p.s. I often play as a GM and WR&M really makes improvisation easier for GMs who encounter wild decisions from their players.

  14. Hi, I am a gamer and amateur writer from Brazil. This is a very nice system, and I was thinking in begin a work of translation of this game. Making or starting to write adventures and monsters, and even hack to others settings, like Star Wars. Congratulations for your job!

  15. This is an amazing little gem. I had tried Dungeons and Dragons with my role playing group and found it too crunchy, Exalted gets too crazy and unbalanced, Big Eyes Small Mouth is easily abused and needs way too much monitoring on the part of the storyteller to be fair and GURPS in order to be fully playable needs so many books (well lets face it all the role playing games I just mentioned needs a whole library of books…)

    This system is a breath of fresh air in my life and so far it’s been well received at my table. My only wish would be to compile all the works into one for easy access.

  16. I have a spread sheet for making characters for WRM. it does all the math and has all the skills and talents, weapons and armor. How do I post it up here?

  17. You can send it to info@stargazersworld.com and I’ll put it up here.

  18. Concrning Warriors, Rogues, and Mages, what guidelines did you use for constructing the examples in the bestiary. I would like to create consistant additonal creatures and new monsters. Any rules of thumb and caculation models would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. I like the game system and would very much like to adapt some new creatures and monsters. In order to do so I would appreciate any guidelines, tables, calculations, and rules of thumb you may have used for the examples you created in the current documents for the Bestiary and NPC’s. Thank you.

  20. There are no clear guidelines. For the human/humanoid characters I used the character creation rules and adjusted the stats as I saw fit to reflect veteran status etc.
    The stats for non-humanoid creatures are made up as I saw fit.

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  22. Hello

    First thing first 😀

    This is a great game. I was looking for something rules lite for a while, I wanted to show to my wife and 14 years old son what is rpg. WR&M is perfect for beginners (with GM with some experience).

    I had some problems with NPC defence stat. NPC have advantage on PC because fighters are harder to hit than PC. I’m using alternate armor rules (armor reduces damage and there is precise shot). I’ve calculated Def stat for NPC as they were PC and it works better especially when there are more enemies than PC (monsters Def stays the same).

    I’m using standard tiles and miniatures for building dungeons and I needed character movement rates, here are my calcuations:

    (War +Rog) /2 +6 = running
    /2 walking
    run*2 = sprint

    When walking you have normal action, running no action, sprinting you are harder to hit (-3) but you can sprint only for 1*War minutes

    Jumping across /4 running

    Jumping across while running /2 running

    One grid or hex = 2m

    hope it will help

    All best 😉

    walking *5 normal walking *10 fast

  23. Hello again.

    All above calculations are in meters. Walking *5 normal and walking *10 fast is daily travel speed in 8 hours. It is based on ancient roman legion travel speed. Each soldier carried 40 kg of equipment as average adventurer I think 🙂 If someone carry more gear he is encumbered and his movement is halved. Both per round and per day. He also receives -3 penalty to all rolls.

    I hope I will gm next session soon.

    All best

  24. First of all, conceptually I love this game. There are a lot of strengths here. I do have a few quibbles. Either starting money has to be reduced or prices have to increase. Players start off with gear that’s too good and immediate access to 3rd circle spells. I have a problem with the Awareness skill being based on Mage. Do you really think the guy with his nose in a book is going to spot the ambush coming before the veteran soldier (warrior) or the ever cautious thief (rogue). This is important because we are talking about the single most used skill in any game. I think there should be some flexibility about which attribute a skill is associated with based on the situation. Awareness to spot strange writing upon the wall written in a long lost language, use Mage. Awareness to hear the town guard arriving before it’s too late, use Rogue. Awareness to spot a weakness in the enemy’s formation, use Warrior. Same goes for other skills as well. On the whole it seems a good frame work of a better game yet to be made.

  25. Hello.

    I’m currently working on monster conversion formula from ad&d and I had some problems with really big and powerfull beasts as dragons. I had to limit stats to maximum of 12. And I’ve found a problem with parrying dodging rules. Sometimes defence score is so high that someone with skill with weapon have lower chance of parrying than person defending with shield. I know that this is second chance roll but I’ve found other solution digging through d&d rules. Someone can parry instead of attack and this incrases def score by 3 and +2 if he have skill in weapon. If he have dual wield parry is free for one attack. Dodge works similar. I’m using armor rules from supplelent. Armor reduces damage and there is precision attack rule. This keeps gamę rolling lite and there is chance for defending from better and bigger foe.

    Al best.

    I’m using similar awarness rules. Stat is different for different situations.

  26. Hi guys, i loved the concept behind WR&M, and I want to ask you something: can I translate the material into Portuguese? It would be great if any other Brazilians rpg-lovers like me could play this system.

  27. Sure. Feel free to do so!

  28. Im new in tabletpo rpg im start playing mhr at my faculty and was cool to play, but playing dnd is kinda a lawyers game XD, and your game has a nice system, with basics ruls just for that roleplaying, instead arguing with the Dm if my action are against the camel-riding rules

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  30. Michael Christensen

    Hi Stargazer,

    Awesome set of rules, been using it for roughly 5 years now, converting my 3rd edition dnd to WRM.

    My m8 started a campaign set in the warhammer40k universe, we had no trouble tweaking and adding to the system so that we can shoot a heavy bolter or even use psychic powers.

    all in all a great lightweight system with huge adaptability and lots of room for expansion without breaking it 🙂

    Great Work man! 🙂

  31. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that we’ve recently started playing this game and we are having sooo much fun!. We are newbies from Argentina. An experienced Pathfinder player friend pointed us to this game. Thanks for all the hard work!

  32. Hi there, just wanted to say that I found a great translation to Spanish language of the game: Guerrero, Pícaro y Mago

  33. Is Michael Wolf the same Michael Wolf that used to write the RPG reviews for PC Gamer?

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  36. Love this game – play with my kids.
    Isn’t there a map somewhere of the setting world?

  37. Thank you

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  39. I recently came across this game when looking for some rules-light rpgs. What I would like to do is adapt it to a post-apoc futuristic setting and have two questions. How do you suggest I handle skills to retain balance when most of the weapons are going to be firearms (rogue/ranged)? Next, where would social skills (bluff, barter, diplomacy, etc.) fit into the mix? Thanks.

  40. At first I would change the attributes to fit the genre. Check out the resources section on the WyRM SRD site (https://sites.google.com/site/wyrmsrd/resources) for inspiration. For a space opera-style game I planned to use Soldier, Agent & Technician for example. In a post-apoc world with tribal communities something like Marauder, Hunter & Shaman might work. In a setting with ruins littered with ancient artifacts and mutants a set of attributes like Warrior, Stalker & Psychic might work. If ranged weapons play a larger part in your setting I’d also introduce various ranged weapon skills and tie a few of those to Warrior and a few to Stalker, depending on what fits best your vision of the world. I also recommend you join the Stargazer’s World Google+ community (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107498054947735028221). It’s way easier to discuss rules there than in the comment section on this blog.

  41. A friend borught this to the table for a one off last saturday and our group was pleasantly suprised by the speed and ease of play. My only suggestion is for you take everything you put together so far and colate it into one pdf

  42. A friend borught this to the table for a one off last saturday and our group was pleasantly suprised by the speed and ease of play. My only suggestion is for you take everything you put together so far and collate it into one pdf

  43. This game was pretty awesome. I’m slowly using it to get some 6th graders into gaming. I was considering tweaking it into a sci-fi system for them – been kicking around the idea of Trooper, Scoundrel & Psychic, and the kids are kind of excited about the idea.
    Awesome system.

  44. Hi!

    First this is a wonderful game. It is great that it is so light weight and provides alternatives (like the Scholar option with low magic!). So I can use it to play with my family.

    I am going to change some points (like the skill list). However I have one question about spells. In of the above posts it is mentioned that ranged spells automatically hit if target is in line of sight from the caster.

    Attack Spells
    What about spells resulting in a touch attack? There are multiple ways to do it, but I am interested in the way you prefer.
    a) I presume that spells with a touch attack require an unarmed melee attack.
    b) if a melee attack is required, does it mean that the spell caster can cast the spell and make the unarmed attack in the same round?

    Character Sheet Template
    For my family I need to translate at least the character sheet into German, but I want to keep the great design. Does anybody can provide me the template (excel or word) file, so that I can translate the terms into German and that I can change the skill list on the character sheet?

    In advance thank you very much for your answer and have a great start into the week

  45. Thanks for your kind words, Schattenriss. Regarding touch attack spells, I usually let the character cast the attack in preparation (and use it later) or let the character cast the spell in the same round he does the melee attack with either their bare hands or their preferred melee weapon.
    Regarding the character sheet: I created the game document and the sheets in InDesign. Creating a template in Word or Excel would be quite a hassle, if you ask me.

  46. Hi Stargazer,

    thank you for your understanding of spells with melee Touch attacks. In regards to the Template: als far as I see it indesign is for free. Can you Share the template, so That I can try to work with indesign?

  47. Alas InDesign is far from free. The current edition of this software is availabe through Adobe’s Creative Cloud which sets you back about 700€ per year.

  48. Ok…understood. I will try to find another way to generate a german version with an individual skill list-

    Thank you for your answers and for providing such a great rule framework!

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