Gearbox Roleplaying Game System Cover mockup

Today I have worked on a cover mockup for the upcoming Gearbox RPG System. I have to admit I am quite content with how it turned out and aside from a few minor changes this might actually become the final cover.


For me creating a cover is an important part of game design. In a way, it gives a game a “face”, something you can relate to. How do you like this cover?

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Michael Wolf is a 34-year old IT and video technician working for a German university. He's also a big fan of pen & paper roleplaying games, computer games of all kinds, a passionate blogger and aspiring game designer.
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  1. Love it. I’d ensure it prints ok in black and white and then might lighten it a touch as it would be pretty heavy on a printer.

    Have you tried printing it black and white?

  2. Quite impressive! I like it a lot, except the gears teeth spacing is not quite right…(tooth bigger than interspace)

  3. Nice, I like it, presents a good indication of what it is (a universal system). Only thing I might do is make the gears bigger, maybe a shadow under them? Make them stand out a little more. Very cool though, cannot wait to see this game!

  4. Hmm, adding some shadows to the gears might be a good idea.

  5. Glad I could help! Any idea when we will see this?

  6. Oh, this may take a while. My initial plan was to be done before next Gen Con, but that’s still 10 months away. So it’s quite possible I will be done sooner. It probably depends on how much free time I have during the christmas holidays.

  7. That looks phenomenal! Any help you need on it, let me know!

  8. @Rob: I will work on a printer-friendly version when the normal one is done.

  9. Will Gearbox be related, in any way, to WRM and RAG?

  10. Since it will be written by me there will be a similar design philosophy and a few mechanics might be close to what you have seen in WR&M. But Gearbox is not a Wyrm game at all.

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