Stargazer Games

Hello, my name is Michael Wolf, a roleplaying games enthusiast with about 30 years of experience as a player and GM. Back in 2008 I started a roleplaying games blog called Stargazer’s World which exists to this day.

Over the years I also worked on a number of roleplaying games, most of which have been released by me for free under the Stargazer Games “brand”. I also helped a few of my friends to publish their games. All of these games can be found in the Downloads section – free of charge of course.

What does Stargazer Games stand for?

Telling you that I had a great vision when I started Stargazer Games would be a lie. I just needed a name and a place where I could publish the games I’ve created. But one thing was always important to me: I want to share my love for the hobby freely. This means everything on this site is free of charge and in most cases licensed under an open license like Creative Commons. You are free to share our games with your friends and even write your own games or adventures based on our content as long as you give credit. If you have any questions regarding the licenses under which our games have been released, feel free to get in touch with me.