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As you probably know I am co-admin of the new RPG forum RPG Table Talk. I have been thinking about closing the Mingle forum here and move things over to RPG Table Talk instead. Why? There are several reasons.

  • For one the Mingle forum (which is a plugin to the WordPress software used for the site) has some usability issues. A proper forum software is usually much better to use and maintain. The main problem I see in the long run is that there’s no way to have usergroups distinct from the ones in WordPress.
  • I also have to keep registrations at the main site open which has lead to a lot of spammer signing up. Luckily they haven’t bothered to spam yet, but this might become an issue in the future. The SMF software used by the RPG Table Talk makes it easier to cope with such issues.
  • The RPG Table Talk has seen quite some traffic although it’s not even a month old. And IMHO moving the Stargazer Games discussions there would be a boon to both the current RPGTT users and this community.
  • Janrain Engage, the plugin that allows you to use your Twitter, Google, etc. accounts to sign in to the site/forums has some major issues, so I would like to kick it out again.

But there’s one problem. I can’t transfer user accounts nor posts. I already opened a Stargazer Games forum over at RPG Table Talk. There are also two subforums for WR&M and Arcane Heroes respectively. Please register for an account there, as I will close the forums here on the site at the end of the week. I will probably completely remove the forums at the end of the year then. If you have any further questions to the forum move, please contact me via

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Michael Wolf is a 34-year old IT and video technician working for a German university. He's also a big fan of pen & paper roleplaying games, computer games of all kinds, a passionate blogger and aspiring game designer.
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