A word on fan submissions

Over the last year or so fans have again and again sent in their creations based on WR&M for example for me to have a look at. While I am always honored by this, I usually don’t have the time to respond in a timely manner. I am just one guy with a full-time job and a *gasp* healthy private life. So, if you have submitted something to me and haven’t got a reply yet, don’t think I do this out of spite. Sometimes things just get a bit overwhelming.

So, what can we do to make things easier for all of us? At first, consider posting your ideas, question, works, etc. at the official forums. There are quite a few active fans who can help you with advice and perhaps with other problems as well. Of course you can still shoot me an email, but these get too often then not lost in the deluge of emails I get every day. So the forums are usually a better way to get attention.

As an alternative or in addition to that you can always release your fan product on your own website, blog, etc. and let everyone know where they can have a look at it in the forums. If I find what I see interesting I will gladly post the link on the Stargazer Games blog as well.

Last but not least you can join me and other RPG fans in the #stargazersworld IRC channel on sorcery.net. And when I am not around there are several other users who know most of my works as well as I do. A lot of the people involved with the creation of WR&M for example hang out there on a daily basis.

To cut a long story short, I am currently not able to reply to every submission in a timely manner, so please consider the listed alternatives to submitting your work directly to me. Between my job, my private life, my own RPG projects, my involvement with Dungeonslayers and my blog Stargazer’s World there’s only so much time.