Ad Astra

What is Ad Astra?
Ad Astra is a SF roleplaying campaign setting set into  the  far  future. Humanity has ventured to the stars. Aside  from  a  few  artifacts  found  in the lifeless deserts of Mars, there are no signs of intelligent life. Humanity is all alone in space. Or so it seems. An ancient  jumpgate  found near Jupiter allowed us access to a far away region of space: the Omega Centauri  star  cluster.  In  the  early  years  of the 22nd century millions of humans travelled to the stars, seeking a better life among the stars.
Scattered among these human colonies  live  the  espers,  humans  with amazing psychic abilities that are the legacy of an alien species, called the Elohim.
Then suddenly the jumpgate was destroyed, the colonists where stranded in a  far away  sector of  space. Hundreds  of  years  later  Earth  is  just  a distant memory.
The Ad Astra campaign wasn’t written with any system in mind, so it can be easily adapted to any SF roleplaying game.



  1. Hey Stargazer, I love the new site, a great idea that I’m sure will become better over time. I checked out your Ad Astra downloads and you need to review them. The setting pdf appears to be unfinished and includes some placeholder text; see both “designers notes” as examples. Also, the character sheet throws up an error and doesn’t display.

  2. I know that the Ad Astra PDF still contains some placeholder text. I initially planned to release it as a complete game, but later decided to release it as is for the time being. The background is basically done at this point and I actually ran a short campaign using the PDQ rules.

    And I will reupload the character sheet, thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Stargazer,

    Any chance of releasing a star map of the setting?

  4. Actually I haven’t created a proper starmap yet. But if I ever create one, I will release it here.

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  6. Ad Astra looks like a pretty good hardish sci-fi setting? Have you considered porting it out to Savage Worlds?

  7. I had considered it, but I will probably use it as background for a game written by myself now. Probably something along the lines of WR&M.

  8. I really like the foundations of a setting that you’ve provided here. Thanks for sharing your work.
    I’m hoping to run a sci fi game for some friends and this looks like a good start. I might use Savage Worlds or 1000 Suns or something else.

  9. I’m planning to use it with Stars Without Number, but I have to ask: What’s up with the designer’s notes? Is that Latin or what? Is there a way to find out what the heck it says?

  10. Yep. That’s latin. It’s actually filler text since this document was never finished. But I’ll use it as a basis for my new game, so you might get proper Designer’s Notes after all.

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