Arcane Heroes


Arcane Heroes is a rules-light roleplaying game set into a fantasy world filled with magic, wonders and epic adventures.

Characters in Arcane Heroes are members of ancient bloodlines which have produced many great heroes (and dreadful villains) in the past. But the world has changed, the industrial revolution has shaken up the old order. The ancient bloodlines are all but forgotten, but in these dire and gloomy times, heroes are needed more than ever.

Arcane Heroes uses a simple dice pool mechanic and contains all the rules needed to play a game.

Core Rulebook
Pages: 6
Author: Michael Wolf
The core rulebook contains the complete game rules, including character creation, combat, magic, equipment and monsters.



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  2. Hi there! This is awesome! Please release some more Gauntlet versions! Also, do you happen to have a cool looking character sheet at all?

    Cheers, and thanks again for all the great free games!

  3. Thanks a lot pal, also i started a thread on about your game, so maybe you want to share these there too. 😉

    Ps- Any costing guidelines for those new gauntlets btw? 🙂

  4. @discuit: The only advice I can give you is to compare new gauntlets with the already existing ones and raise or lower the price how you see fit. There are no guidelines actually.

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