Chronicles of the Four Dragons

What is Chronicles of the Four Dragons?
Chronicles is a rules-lite, anime-style fantasy game which uses a pretty easy dice pool system and four classes: the Warrior which is attuned to Earth, the Archer which uses Air magic, the Monk who draws his power from Water and the Sorcerer who is a master of Fire magic.

The Dragon Empire
CotFD is set into the Dragon Empire, a vast nation based on medieval Japan and China. For many centuries it has been ruled by the Dragon Emperors who are descendants of the Four Elemental Dragons themselves. For a long time the empire prospered but recently things are starting to get out of hand. Barbarians attack the empire from the outside, while corrupt bureaucrats and local warlords attack it from within. But new heroes have arisen. They wield the power of the four elements and fight to restore peace and order in the Empire!



  1. I would’ve thought you’d use the Chinese classical elements ie with wood and metal. Maybe a druid-like class and a swordsman?

  2. Oooohhh! This needs the Wanderers Romance treatment!

  3. Hi, I want to ask something…
    Where is the character’s sheet?
    Will you do a supplement for the Way of the Void?

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  4. There’s actually no character sheet and at the moment there are no plans for any supplements.

  5. Thnaks for your answer and time.

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