Cronicas de los Cuatro Dragones

CdlD coverThe guys at Arcano XIII have done it again! They translated and released another Stargazer Games title in Spanish. This time they took my pretty barebones roleplaying game “Chronicles of the Four Dragons” and turned it into a beautifully laid out PDF.

The new artwork by Jesús “Terminus Est” Calvero fits my vision of the game perfectly. If you are into anime-inspired roleplaying games and familiar with the Spanish language you definitely should check out Crónicas de los Cuatro Dragones!

You can download the 27-paged PDF for free at the Arcano XIII website.

Download issues?

Since I moved all our products to Google Docs/Drive two people reported that they have issues downloading the PDFs. I have tried figuring out what went wrong, but I am afraid I couldn’t. For me the links work perfectly fine, regardless of whether I am logged on or not or from where I try to access the files.

What I need is your help. Even if you already have downloaded all of our games before, please go the product pages here at Stargazer Games and check if the “Download Now” links work for you. Please use a simple click and don’t righ-click to use “Save link under…”. If everything works fine, you should get to a Google Docs/Drive preview that shows the product in question and allows you to download the file.

If it doesn’t, please give me some feedback in the comments below or on our forums. And check if you have problems with downloading stuff from Google Drive/Docs in general. Thanks for your help!

Warrior, Rogue & Mage to be translated into German

WR&M Cover Some months ago someone contacted me and asked me for permission to translate WR&M into German. This wasn’t actually necessary, because the license I released the game under allows that anyway, but it was the nice thing to do. Of course I gave my permission and some time later the guy working on the project sent me his drafts.

Alas since then I haven’t heard anything about that again. Recently more and more people have asked me about a German version of WR&M and so I finally caved in. I am going to do the translation myself. The advantage of doing the translation myself is that I don’t have to slavishly stick to the English version. That makes writing a German version much easier without changing the actual rules.

What I will do is probably include some errata and put the content of “The Art Of Combat” into the core rulebook. I’ll also change the font I used in the layout because it had some issues.

So what does that mean for the English version? Depending on how things work out I may release an errata or even an updated version of the original game. Depending on how much work I am willing to put into it, I might even release a newly laid out version.

If you have found any errors in the WR&M core rulebook or in The Art of Combat, please post those errors in the forums. Thanks!